Voluntary audit

An audit designed to add significant value to your business

If you do not meet the criteria for a statutory audit, you should consider the benefits of a voluntary audit. It is a particularly useful independent assessment of your financial records and processes, risk management, controls, and governance processes. 

Who would benefit from a voluntary audit?

  • growing companies that may soon exceed the audit thresholds
  • rapid growth companies that may require raising capital from a bank or other financial institution 
  • shareholders who are not involved in the management of the company may benefit from the external inspection an audit provides 
  • owners that are considering selling their company
  • a company that may be subject to a take-over
  • companies that are vulnerable to investigations by regulators 
  • companies that require an audit to satisfy key customers or suppliers 

More than an audit report

Our audits will provide you with a detailed management letter including recommendations in respect of issues found during the audit. It will highlight potential process improvements and system weaknesses – enabling you to use your resources effectively, comply with regulations, and manage risk appropriately. 

You will also benefit from:

  • a dedicated and consistent team to maximise the value of our relationship
  • partner-manager lead work 
  • comprehensive quality control
  • a tailored approach to suit your needs
  • a team that is pragmatic and approachable

Sector expertise to support your goals

Our auditors are at the forefront of changes and advancements in your industry and understand the best practice. We can interpret this in a way that is suitable for your business. 

We give unique solutions that are appropriate for the area of concern to meet difficulties as they arise. Our strong technical credentials, along with relevant client knowledge and expertise, can help you remain up-to-date on accounting regulations, support your business strategy, and answer any questions you might have about their interpretation.

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