Energy and renewables

By 2027, the global renewable energy market industry is predicted to be worth $1.1 trillion. Our expert financial, tax and strategic advisors are focused on you and your business succeeding in reaching its goals, and we want to be by your side in this exciting period of growth for businesses in this industry.  

We understand complex business environments

We have been working with regional, national, and international renewable energy companies for over 15 years, and have a thorough understanding of the niche areas in the industry including legislation and environmental policies.

Growth is being fuelled by the manufacturing of solar PV, wind power, biomass, and hydroelectric power. Coupled with environmental concerns, developing and developed countries investing in renewable energy, and technological advancements – all these major factors are contributing to projected market growth. 

Our specialists have the experience and the knowledge to be able to help your business differentiate itself in the market, increase profitability, and continue expansion. 

Meeting your unique needs

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R&D and Patent Box claims

Our specialists will supply you with highly relevant expertise and resources if you need advice regarding the Patent Box or R&D tax reliefs. We have filed numerous R&D tax reliefs and Patent Box claims in a variety of industries, so you can be confident that your claim is being managed by our experts. 

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