Forensic accounting

Advising on the financial aspects of litigation

Expert witness and litigation support

The world of forensic accounting is a complex one, where dealing with legal disputes and claims often involves complicated financial issues.

If you need forensic accountancy advice and evidence, speaking to our forensic accounting team will help. They can quantify and explain the figures at the centre of a dispute, be instructed as advisers or expert witnesses, and are fully conversant with the Civil Procedure Rules and Family Procedure Rules.

Additional forensic accounting services Price Bailey provides include:

  • Assisting with valuations for purposes including
    shareholders disputes and divorce proceedings
  • Analysing financial information to investigate
    claims of wrong-doing, such as misappropriation
    of funds and quantify the impact
  • Providing a critique of valuations and highlighting
    key points of consideration
  • Reviewing financial records to trace cash flow
    and transactions
  • Acting in an advisory or expert witness capacity

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