Charity and NFP audit

Our Charity and Not For Profit audit team values building strong relationships with our clients, and earning your confidence with our well-planned, clearly structured, risk-based, and high-quality audit process.

We understand you are looking for a robust audit that satisfies your statutory responsibilities. However, our dedicated team always seeks to approach the audit from a more constructive perspective, ensuring it is focused, valuable, and fulfils any wider statutory responsibilities. 

Our audit work will focus on both operational and financial risks, and will include a review of your risk management processes and your risk register. We cover areas such as revenue recognition, fund allocation, investments, management override, law and regulations, and related party transactions. 

We also analyse payroll, grants, and expenditure authorisation as key areas of attention during the audit. 

Building great relationships

Creating long-lasting relationships with our clients is important to us as a firm, and we want you to have trust in us as your advisors. 

Your assigned partner and manager-led audit team will be focused on understanding your organisation, and our clients can be assured that any recommendations in respect of issues found during the audit will be discussed in a constructive and meaningful way at the earliest opportunity. 

We develop an effective partnership with the Board of Trustees, enabling us to deliver an appropriate level of assurance through a high quality, challenging, and risk based audit. 

Our approach to working with you includes:

  • a dedicated and consistent team to maximise the value of our relationship
  • agreed scheduling and turnaround times to ensure all work is completed by arranged deadlines 
  • using the benefits of varying sector expertise
  • high level of partner and manager input 
  • a team that is pragmatic and approachable 
  • timely updates on regulatory issues or changes in best practice 
  • a risk-based approach where we review your strategy, risk register, accounting systems and financial information provided as an integral part of our work
  • detailed tests that flow from meetings and discussions to focus on key risk areas
  • robust and informed opinions 
  • closing meetings that are valuable and constructive 

Client contact time

Our unique ‘client contact time’ ensures we are able to provide you with the best advice and support in a relevant and timely manner.

Uncharged meeting time is built into every client relationship we have. This way we are always available to support you, and encourage you to call us to discuss any queries, issues, or plans. 

You will never receive any unexpected fees from us arising from ad-hoc calls, meetings, and emails.

We were voted in Top 3 for both our Charity Service and Charity Expertise in the Charity Audit survey 2021 and 2020, and 1st for our Charity Expertise in 2019. 

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