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The further education sector has undergone turmoil since the start of the pandemic and saw industry revenue decline. Tightening training budgets and an increase in the number of apprentices who were unable to complete their courses or undertake appropriate assessments meant that income may have been impacted or at risk as a result.

Following the recent announcement that FE Colleges are being reclassified back into the public sector means that you need advisors who can support you on this journey and transition.

Government funding of £300m will be made available to support elimination of deficit funding in the FE sector and a further £150M over the next couple of years to fund capital projects.

FE Colleges will retain many of their current freedoms to manage their affairs, however will need to ensure they comply with the aspects of being in the public sector, such as complying with managing public money. We assisted the academy sector with this transition and therefore have a great wealth of experience and support available to ensure you do not have to reinvent the wheel.

Our education team is here to assist you in this process to be ready for the effective date of August 2024. We can manage any difficult issues you may have and ensure you are aware of new regulatory demands.

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