Tax planning

Thinking ahead to help you structure your transactions effectively

You know there are certain times of the year when you need to think about tax. But if you really want to keep your tax bill to a minimum, consistent and ongoing tax planning can make a big difference.

With our help, you can make informed choices about factors that could affect your tax bill. We can advise you on strategies that will make the most of the tax reliefs, allowances, and credits available to you.

Supporting you in many ways

Our tax planning services relate to many aspects of your business, and cover areas such as:

  • cash and profit extraction
  • international activity
  • land and property
  • share schemes
  • choice of business structures
  • succession and sale
  • transaction planning
  • trust and estate planning
  • wealth preservation
  • raising finance

We begin with a careful evaluation of your financial situation, discussing your future plans and goals to help define the right plan of action. As independent advisors, we’re always working with your best interests in mind, bringing you tax-saving opportunities with a strong commercial basis.

Our team of tax planning experts can also provide accurate and tailored advice to individuals looking to optimise their tax position but also meet all tax compliance requirements.

We can provide personal tax planning advice regarding:

  • land, property, and estates
  • income tax
  • capital gains tax
  • non-domiciliary and international tax-related issues 
  • inheritance tax

If you’re buying commercial property

As property is a capital asset, you’ll need to be aware of two main tax implications: Capital Gains and Income Tax on profits.

We’ve developed the Commercial Property Purchase Plan, to help you buy and own a commercial property cost-effectively.

To find out what’s likely to be the best option for your situation, try our Commercial Property Purchase Plan Calculator. And then, to be sure of the most appropriate course of action, our specialist tax consultancy team can guide you through a four-step process:

Step 1: Understanding the information

Getting all the details on financing, the vendor and all other decision factors.

Step 2: Processing the information

Modelling your future financial situation and analysing the transaction, income, capital and inheritance tax implications.

Step 3: Recommending a structure

Comprehensive analysis of our recommendations and the steps we need to take for the proposed transaction – including information to brief all other parties involved.

Step 4: Managing the process

Communicating with all relevant advisors and ensuring you take the right actions at the right times.

Advice on corporate structures

Whether you’re starting a business, looking to change your organisation, or simply want to make sure your company is set up in the most tax-efficient way, we can help you choose the best business structure.

Your decision could have long-term implications, and we’re here to help you make the right one. We can support you through the whole evaluation process, including:

  • considering your options, to quantify the savings, rewards, costs and risks
  • presenting our findings to help you make an informed decision
  • planning to implement the structure
  • documenting the process
  • helping you with disclosure and returns

As well as the traditional business structures, the best options for you could involve trusts, joint ventures, or a mix of different types of entity. We assess all of these for you, and ensure your new structure works within your overall tax planning.

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