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Financial due diligence

Helping you get the facts when you acquire a business

Financial due dilligence

The information to proceed

If you’re involved in a merger or acquisition, you’ll want to be sure you have a clear, detailed understanding of the true value and risks of the target business.

Price Bailey demonstrates an outstanding track record when it comes to delivering financial due diligence (FDD) services for all transaction types.

Why use Price Bailey?

  • Breadth of experience spanning sectors and transaction types
  • Both full format and red flag/exception reporting available
  • Bespoke scoping and subsequent real-time adjustment as required throughout the FDD process
  • Live feedback on key issues and direct access to senior team members
  • Clear, concise, and opinion-led conclusions
  • Track record of successful delivery on challenging timescales
  • Direct impacts on transaction terms set out practically in our findings
  • Dedicated Research and Insights service line focusses on validating assumptions underpinning forecasts and models
  • Significant repeat custom proves our approach provides value for money and quality output
  • Transactions have aborted on the basis of our reporting, testament to the importance of a thorough FDD process

Bespoke lines of service


We are an experienced provider of FDD for acquisitions, strategic alliances, and joint ventures.

Synergies, operational compatibilities and deal structuring opportunities are highlighted and explained.

Supplementary assurance services provide specialised financial analysis.


We have carried out extensive work with private equity and venture capital trust funds.

Bespoke scoping and commentary focusses on elements such as KPIs and return on investment. Detailed scenario testing is used to inform investment decisions.

Price Bailey has also worked with investees to guide preparations for a successful investment process.


We have delivered FDD for main clearing banks, engaging across a broad range of sectors and transaction types.

Specialised analysis and commentary focusses on key ratios set out in specific covenants.

Vendor due diligence (VDD)

This ‘sell-side’ FDD is focused on documenting the financial health of a business before approaching potential acquirers or investors.

VDD is highly sought after in the market as an independent
indicator of financial responsibility and can be carried out on a timescale tailored to you, streamlining workloads and reducing disruption to your business further along the transaction process.

If you would like to discuss financial due diligence opportunities and how we may be able to help your transaction, please contact us below.

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