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We frequently advise on the corporate structuring and planning of complex international companies, and understand the nuances involved in working with different structures.

At Price Bailey, we have 11 offices, 8 of which are based in the UK, with strategic international locations including the Eastern Caribbean, Channel Islands, and Dubai.

Our team has specialist expertise in all of these regions, in addition to a high degree of technical and local business knowledge in other jurisdictions too.

Having lead many transactional, international, charity, and property group structuring projects across multiple industries, we understand the nuances involved when working with complex structures and finding the balance between operational, commercial and financial requirements, satisfying shareholder needs, meeting regulation changes, mitigating risk, and preserving value and sustainability.

We pride ourselves in our personal approach and the time we take to truly understand you, your business, your stakeholders, your goals, and any challenges you may be facing. This way we can ensure you have access to highly relevant expertise and support – whatever your circumstances.

Why is the correct corporate structure important?

There are many benefits to restructuring your company, however we sometimes find that business owner/managers aren’t aware of the full range of reasons, and occasionally when we are approached by clients they are unaware that corporate structuring would be a suitable option available to them.

Following a review of the overall structure prior to a transaction, we frequently produce advisory reports and project manage structure revisions, for:

Whilst this is not an exhaustive list, these are key reasons that you consider to warrant a review.

Some benefits of the corporate structuring advice can include:

  • increase in liquidity
  • mitigating risk
  • improved cash flow
  • reduction in compliance associated costs
  • reduction in tax liabilities

Transaction structuring

Business planning is an important part of running a business. If your business plan includes acquiring, merging or disposing of a company then appropriate structuring advice should be sought early on in the planning stages.

Failing that, at the point a company is due to be acquired it is vital that appropriate advice is taken to protect your business whilst remaining compliant with legislation and tax.

We have worked with numerous clients undergoing a variety of transactions, the main reasons for considering structure when acquiring/merging a company into a group structure include:

  • mitigating the risk of the new company/ merger
  • cashflow
  • tax efficiencies
  • international considerations
  • asset holdings
  • future plans

Price Bailey have the expertise to support, with the ability to help with all areas of the transaction; from lead advisory, international and domestic tax advice, funding and associated funding structures as well as VAT and Group audit and reporting.

Domestic structuring

Businesses often start with a simple business structure but once to a size where real value is held, and/or cash generated, the ownership structure can play a vital part in risk mitigation and cashflow efficiencies.

Domestic structures can provide many benefits to smaller owner/manager businesses, and our specialists can examine different legislations in multiple jurisdictions to determine which jurisdiction is most suitable to your needs.

Reasons you may consider reviewing your domestic business structure:

  • tax efficiency
  • VAT reporting efficiency
  • risk mitigation
  • debt structuring
  • asset retention
  • growth
  • disposal

Price Bailey is multi-disciplinary accountancy firm; structuring a company in the correct manner often requires a commercial, operational and tax perspective of which Price Bailey have all in-house, meaning just one party to liaise with.

You can be assured that our forward thinking solutions from our team of highly skilled group structuring specialists will support you, no matter how complex your structure.

International structuring

Do you already have a company overseas and are considering opening a branch or representative office in the UK? Or are you just considering doing business in the UK?

There are many considerations at this juncture even outside of the commercial and operational considerations.

The way you structure your company can ease reporting, trade and cashflow, and professional advice and careful consideration should be given.

Price Bailey offer a free initial consultation that will discuss the different types of entity available, as well as the basic steps of opening a company and trading in the UK. We offer a fully outsourced solution that will help you register, provide the international tax planning advice both commercially and as an individual, and can even run your UK finance function for you once trading.

Others areas that we can support with after the initial advice include:

  • on-going compliance requirements
  • advising on operational and accounting systems
  • banking arrangement
  • payroll services
  • pension schemes

Our team has industry experience and are up-to-date with international legislative developments. We understand the tax implications involved in restructuring your business, both overseas and in the UK, and we will ensure that we provide you with pragmatic tax efficient solutions – no matter your location.


Price Bailey is a committed member of IAPA, a global association of independent accountancy and business advisory firms that provide accounting, audit, tax advisory, and business consultancy services.

IAPA comprises of more than 200 member firms with offices in 70 countries. The international reach of our fellow IAPA member firms offers instant access to first-hand knowledge of local regulations, culture and customers, removing potential cross-border uncertainties and increasing the opportunities for real business development.

Our restructuring clients benefit greatly from our IAPA involvement, and if undergoing any form of international structuring our seamless and efficient service will ensure you can effectively manage risk whilst simplifying operations, and benefitting from improved tax efficiency and transparency.


Property structuring

Domestic ownership

A very broad heading, property, but whether you are a seasoned investor or looking for one-off transactional advice, looking to purchase as an individual or an entity, residential or commercial our team of property experts can support.

It is important advice is sought prior to purchase, understanding the revenue basis, long term plans for the asset and other holdings, means the correct structure can be formed prior to tax liabilities forming.

Failing pre-purchase advice, a review of existing structures is often beneficial either following a change in legislation or business/ succession plan, or just as a portfolio grows.

Areas in which we often support clients:

  • acquisition or disposal inc SDLT and IHT advice and planning
  • succession planning
  • debt/ funding structures
  • VAT compliance
  • risk mitigation
  • tax efficiencies
  • capital allowances

Our clients purchase and hold property in a number of different manners, all with their unique structuring requirements:

  • individually
  • Trading company
  • SIPP
  • Trust
  • Landed estates
  • LLPs & limited partnerships

Try our Commercial Property Purchase Plan Calculator to help you evaluate the most effective method to acquire a commercial property for use in your business.

Non-resident investors

In most European countries, it can be difficult for non-resident landlords to make tax-efficient property investments. By contrast, in the UK, non-residents can choose from a range of structures. We can advise you on the most appropriate for you and then support you with the compliance requirements for each.

Our highly experienced team can also help you with the various types of UK taxes you’ll need to consider


  • SDLT (Stamp Duty Land Tax)
  • VAT
  • CGT (Capital Gains Tax)


  • Income tax
  • Corporation tax
  • VAT
  • ATED (Annual Tax on Enveloped Dwellings)

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