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As the system of calculating and paying your VAT becomes increasingly complex, the pitfalls become more difficult for businesses to avoid.

You think you’re following the rules, but you can still make innocent mistakes that could lead to harsh penalties.

As well as avoiding penalties, you’ll want to ensure you don’t pay more VAT than you need to. Support from our specialist advisors gives you the reassurance you’re paying the right amount.

Help whenever you need it

In certain events, our VAT planning advice is vital. These include:

  • changes to your business, such as selling new products, making acquisitions, selling shares, or restructuring
  • land and property transactions, such as building, buying, selling, letting, developing, refurbishing or moving premises
  • providing services that attract VAT-exempt income, such as financial services, insurance, education, health and welfare
  • providing or receiving goods or services across national borders.

As well as VAT planning, our services cover all aspects of VAT, including:

  • negotiation and dispute resolution
  • VAT health checks
  • training your staff
  • representation at tribunal
  • dealing with unhelpful rulings or directions from HMRC
  • support through a VAT investigation.

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