With a growing global population and increased urbanisation, there is a greater challenge for farmers to improve yields.  Domestically, we have seen a reduction in the availability of agricultural workers post-Brexit and inflation is putting extensive pressure on food producers to keep prices low in a highly competitive retail environment. All of which is leading to significant investment going into the Agritech sector, which has a predicted growth rate of 150% over the next five years, with a total value anticipated to reach £18.8 billion. 

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Automation, agricultural software, supply chain technology, and quality management are some of the key growth areas driving technology adoption in the agriculture sector. 

With technology innovation in this industry high, and the potential to create significant shareholder value, many Agritech companies are currently considering their market position and redefining their business models in order to accelerate growth and create a sustainable competitive position.

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At Price Bailey, our team of finance and tax specialists can support your company in taking proactive measures in this period of industry development – helping you to focus on growth and continued expansion. 

No matter the goals of your business, we can help you. Our specialist teams can support you in reaching your objectives, with advice that is tailored to your business.

Our industry experts understand the niche areas of your business and can offer a range of business services focused specifically on the needs of agritechs. These include:

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