Whether you have a rental portfolio, are a commercial or a residential landlord, or are a landlord seeking individual accounting or tax advice, we have a range of services that can be tailored to your exact needs.

Supporting landlords in all aspects

Whether you would like advice on creating and implementing a strategy that will increase your competitiveness, boost growth, and increase profits, or a financial model to stress test different scenarios, we can support you with a variety of services that add value to you or your portfolio.

We can provide a range of services to landlords including:

  • structuring the acquisition of property 
  • raising capital
  • tax on property income
  • tax on property disposal 
  • tax on estates with property assets
  • stamp duty land tax advice
  • restructuring property ownership 
  • guidance on entering international markets

If you are a landlord in search of accounting and tax services for you personally, we also offer a comprehensive range of services including:

In-depth understanding – tailored advice 

Landlords were severely impacted by the pandemic, with many tenants defaulting on their rent payments or making use of rent deferrals and repayment holidays due to cash shortages. Varying legislation and schemes were introduced to support tenants with many tenants estimated to be in arrears. 

Now, landlords are in a situation where they have to decide if they will sell properties in their portfolios, or expand the portfolios. Over a fifth of landlords are planning on selling at least one property in their portfolio in 2022 to make up for lost income over the pandemic. Coupled with changing legislation and regulations, now is vital for landlords to understand their financial position and the impact of the proposed changes. 

Looking forward, there may be a shift away from buy-to-let mortgages with increasing interest rates, in addition to landlords exiting the market or deciding to take advantage of others’ exiting and expanding their portfolios. 

Landlords are facing many challenges over the next few years, but we believe it’s an important time as ever to seek support and guidance in order to help you overcome these challenges and reach your goals. 

The Price Bailey difference

We offer a free initial meeting to discuss your current situation and challenges. This way, we can provide the right service for you, tailored to help your business succeed. 

Our intention is to also build the trust that you will not be charged each time you pick up the phone to us. We provide free telephone advice for minor queries and operate a system called contact time to ensure we are spending enough time with you. 

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