Commercial due diligence

We are experts in providing pragmatic, quick Commercial Due Diligence services for consumer facing businesses.

Our speciality is in understanding and aligning a company’s growth tactics, their data and conclusions with what the markets they are growing into expect. We then layer this against financial forecasts and marketing assumptions to provide a collaborative, pragmatic view on the opportunities, risk and investment rationale behind a consumer businesses’ growth plan. 

We have worked in a variety of sectors, internationally, to help businesses that are buying, selling, taking on investment or growing into new markets demonstrate to their transaction partners, and their wider Board and shareholders, the objective evidence behind their commercial assumptions. 

Our experience is cross-sector, cross-border. We:

  • have produced CDD reports that vary from  short succinct reports focussed on the key material views on growth plans through to detailed diligence reports,
  • operate in a collaborative and pragmatic way to understand a company’s brand, positioning, tactics, and expected pivots, and
  • use a combination of primary and secondary data to form out judgements, and always look to bring out case studies of peer companies to raise comparisons for discussion. 

We provide independent, data driven views that frame the answers to growth questions 

Our team draws from expertise in business strategy, digital marketing, brand marketing, modelling and data analysis. We have a variety of backgrounds and qualifications varying from MBAs to maths and economics degrees, CFAs and CIMs through to accountants.

We have particular experience working in 

Our services include:

  • buy-side Commercial Due Diligence for transactions 
  • exit readiness and strategy development
  • vendor commercial due diligence
  • acquisition target assessment
  • market mapping and sizing
  • customer referencing


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