With offices in Cambridge, Norwich, London, Dubai, and the capital of British horse racing; Newmarket, our experienced team of accountancy and business advisory equine specialists are perfectly placed to take care of you and your business. 

We have experience working with various equine businesses including:

  • breeders 
  • livery yards
  • competition yards
  • equestrian centres 
  • stallion syndicates
  • equine nutritionists 
  • horse feed manufacturing 
  • EIS Structures 

We understand your industry 

A highly valuable industry, we appreciate the unique challenges and opportunities facing your business. The cost associated with keeping a horse continues to increase year on year, and unlike British Horseracing much of this is supported by individuals from personal wealth, which will have been impacted as a result of coronavirus.

There are a variety of opportunities available to equine businesses to diversify their income, and our team of specialist equine experts can help identify these areas and support you in implementing them.

Targeted advice and support 

We offer an extensive range of services, ensuring you have access to highly relevant knowledge and resources, including:

Allowing you more headspace to grow your business

At Price Bailey, our team of equine finance and tax specialists can support your company in taking proactive measures in this period of economic recovery – helping you to focus on growth and continued expansion. 

No matter the goals of your business, we can help you. Our specialist teams can support you in reaching your objectives, with advice that is tailored to your business.

We can help

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