A sector of great importance to the UK and global economy, aerospace has been at the centre of technological engineering advancements- making it one of the driving forces in our ever-changing global economy. 

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Whilst the industry as a whole experienced revenue growth prior to 2020, post-COVID the global aerospace industry reported high levels of loss and different experiences for passenger, cargo, manufacturers, and specialist services. Whilst all are hoping for a steady recovery in the coming years, we recognise that the experience will be uneven by sector and company. We want to help great businesses operating in the aerospace industry navigate these challenges successfully. 

We have experience supporting commercial, freight and specialist airlines, as well as suppliers to the sector, including parts manufacturers, logistics businesses, caterers and other service businesses and fuel solutions, repair and maintenance businesses, as well as innovative earlier stage businesses looking to disrupt established parts of the market.

Turning to the future, we recognise that for many firms, sustained competitive advantage will be determined by:

  • balance sheet strength
  • retaining a highly-skilled workforce
  • consistently reviewing and improving product and marketing mix
  • innovation 
  • shareholder belief in strong returns on capital in an appropriate time horizon

At Price Bailey, our team of finance and tax specialists in the aerospace industry can support your company in taking proactive measures in this period of economic recovery – helping you to focus on stable growth and continued expansion. 

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No matter the challenges you are facing, we understand them. Our specialist teams can help you to overcome these challenges, with advice that is tailored to your organisation.

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