Livestock farming

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Due to poor economic conditions, pandemic recovery, and declining UK meat consumption, livestock farmers are in the midst of a challenging year, with some livestock sectors, including red meat, being unevenly impacted.

Dairy farmers are also considering turning more towards automation as a result of the supply of labour becoming increasingly challenging. They’re also facing higher input costs, competition from consumer preference changes to products such as oat and almond milk, and consumer pressure to keep prices low. 

Despite the challenges many British farmers are facing, the global livestock industry is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate of 17.63% to 2030. Rapid innovation and increasing R&D are having a positive impact on the livestock industry, with the emergence of livestock monitoring systems enabling real-time monitoring of livestock to highlight early signs of sickness and bacterial or viral infection in the animals. 

Looking forward, livestock farms’ success will be defined by:

  • effective management of cash flow 
  • carbon footprint reporting and monitoring 
  • adapting to consumer behaviours 
  • adopting new technologies to reduce costs

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