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Our dedicated and experienced Parks and Leisure Team at Price Bailey are well regarded in the industry and provide a range of advisory services. 

From fundraising to business plans, financial modelling, and due diligence, you can be assured that the advice we give you is always appropriate and effective – even in the most complex of environments. 

Our team regularly handles large value transactions and provides services to holiday parks, residential parks, and golf courses to name a few. 

We can support and advise you through a range of situations, including:

Supporting the long-term success of your business

During the pandemic, many holidaymakers opted to take their vacation in the UK – strongly supporting park revenue over the past five years. Over the next five years, the compound annual growth rate of park operators in the UK is expected to grow 7.5% year on year. For some businesses operating in the leisure sector, the outlook was not as positive. Moving forward, with global restrictions easing the leisure sector can expect to see a growth in revenue too. 

Both the leisure and parks industries are anticipating the number of new entrants and establishments to grow following a steep decline during the pandemic. This will primarily be fuelled by increasing M&A activities and strong revenue growth. 

The industry is also expecting a rise in investment in facility advancement – enabling many companies to charge higher prices and attract a larger and more diverse customer base. 

Moving forward, it’s vital for parks and leisure companies to have a strategic business plan which sharpens their competitive edge and adequate funding or secure investment to develop their businesses, all whilst ensuring they have sufficient cash reserves to help pay any debts incurred or seize opportunities as they arise. 

More than traditional accountants 

As an award-winning regional accountancy practice, we focus on building close working relationships with clients to gain the best possible understanding of your aims and ambitions. We’re small enough to be flexible and deliver the one-to-one service you deserve, but large enough to be able to draw on the wealth of in-house experience, skills and expertise that will enable your business to thrive.

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