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The current economic environment is sending ripples throughout the UK housing market, and estate agents are certainly feeling the effects. We have specialist accountants and business advisors who have worked with estate agents for many years and can advise and support on anything from annual accounts to cash flow projection and forecasting.

You can be assured that we will support your agency throughout its journey and focus on helping you thrive as you move forward.

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With the interest rate on fixed-rate mortgages increasing, a smaller selection of properties available to prospective buyers, and job insecurities amongst consumers, there are currently limited opportunities available to estate agents to drive income. However, beyond this year, it is anticipated that economic recovery will be sustained if correct measures remain in place – bolstering consumer confidence in the housing market once again due to a series of pent-up demands.

The pandemic was a catalyst for many estate agents to move their operations online and has left many wondering if traditional bricks and mortar combined with high overhead costs is foreseeable in the future. This presents an opportunity for new entrants to enter the market in the coming years, whilst increasing the competition existing agencies face.

Estate agents

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Whether you’re a small, medium, or large firm, and no matter what stage of your life cycle you are at, we can support you through all financial and compliance matters – and advise you on growing your firm profitably throughout this period of economic recovery.

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