Specialist audits

Meeting the specific requirements of your sector

Assurance and advice – no matter your industry

If you work in a sector with unique reporting requirements, you’ll need an auditor with specialist expertise.

Our audit experience spans all industries, and we operate teams in the following areas:

  • charities and not for profit
  • academy schools
  • service charge companies
  • pension schemes (see below)
  • venture capital-backed and private equity-owned businesses 
  • Solicitors Accounts Rules
  • Financial Conduct Authority
  • insurance brokers
  • travel agents and tour operators
  • Public Interest Entities (PIEs)
  • grant projects (see below)

Our auditors are proactive and can demonstrate their experience of working with firms in your industry, helping you reach your objectives. We are on top of industry developments, understand best practices, and can help you interpret changes in a beneficial way for your company. 

We have excellent technical credentials, coupled with relevant client knowledge and experience, so you can be assured that our audit team has specialist knowledge and an in-depth understanding of the audit process in numerous industries. 

Pension scheme audits

If you’re a trustee for a pension scheme, we can help you deal with the responsibilities of your highly regulated role.

We work with pension schemes of all sizes – from fully outsourced to self-administered. Whatever the size of your scheme, you’ll have the support of an expert team with specialist experience of schemes like yours.

We keep you informed throughout the audit process, while taking up as little of your time as possible. And for extra peace of mind, you can arrange your audit for a fixed fee.

We tailor our approach to your individual scheme, but in most cases our services include:

  • obtaining third-party direct confirmations
  • assessing and evaluating your systems and controls
  • reviewing member records and files for payments out
  • reviewing and testing payroll records
  • reviewing and testing other accounting records.

Grant audits

Whether you’re an institutional body or grant provider, we have specialist experience in providing audits and assurance for grant projects – in the UK and internationally.

We work with you from the start of the grant application process, ensuring costs are monitored and reported, leading to successful funding at the end of the project.

With us, you can benefit from a range of audit services, covering:

Local enterprise grants

We review and certificate grants on behalf of innovation agencies.

Financial statements of multilateral funded organisations

These audits require an audit certification of the organisation’s financial status, and a review to ensure compliance with regulations and applicable grant funding terms. They can also involve a review of the organisation’s methods, procedures and general management controls, to evaluate their adequacy and effectiveness. We carry out these audits in accordance with international standards.

Internal control systems of public sector bodies

We carry out in-depth reviews of processes and procedures, identifying weaknesses in systems and controls, and recommending improvements.

European Commission Grants

The new Horizon 2020 regime means one audit only will be needed for these grants, at the end of the project, as long as the funding is more than €325,000. The audit must be carried out by an appropriate qualified professional, and we have teams with specific experience in this field. Many EC audit contracts also require geographical coverage across the EU and other European countries. As a member of the International Association of Practising Accountants (IAPA), we have that coverage, as well as associates in the Americas, Asia and Asia-Pacific.

Audit services are provided by Price Bailey LLP. For information about our regulatory status see www.pricebailey.co.uk/legal.

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