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At Price Bailey, we put our clients at the heart of every piece of content we create. The owner-managed space is a fascinating one with endless opportunities and multi-faceted challenges. We pride ourselves on being experts in the owner-managed business space, after all, we are one!

Our history

Price Bailey was founded in 1938 and established itself as an owner-managed firm for owner-managed businesses. During the last 85 years our experience has developed from a traditional accountancy practice to a full service firm offering our clients access to specialist services include tax, corporate finance, insolvency and recovery, and forensic accounting. With a legacy spanning over eight decades, our firm’s profound expertise encompasses a comprehensive understanding of the industry and local economies across East Anglia, London, and overseas.

For further information on the history of Price Bailey, our 2013 book written by Peter Pugh: A Broad Vision: The Price Bailey Story is available to purchase on Amazon.

We advise, challenge and support

Our content focusses on answering the key questions and responding on prominent challenges our owner-managed business and private clients are currently facing – whether it’s a new piece of complex tax legislation that will likely impact your business, the latest economic news and what it means for the owner-managed industry, research insights and trends in sectors within your value chain, or us sharing with you news of the exciting businesses that we get to advise up and down the country and around the world.
We do not aim to just give you the answers, we ensure that our content challenges our clients to think differently, to become world-class and to consider different perspectives, underpinned by data.

Our voice is friendly, accessible and action driven. We will use plain English to explain highly complex things to ensure that those calling upon our content can easily access what it means for you and your business. We want you to have information you can act on, so we deliver information in a matter-of-fact way; no fuss, just simple, helpful advice.

Our content is brave – we are not afraid to present an alternate point of view to create valuable conversation, but we will at all times ensure that a balanced view is established. As an organisation, we are politically neutral and opinions expressed are based solely on thorough research, individual knowledge, expertise and years of professional experience.

We have been fortunate to have our content and insights published across major broadsheets including The Financial Times, The Times, and Sky News, and in regional features such as…

Financial Times
The Times
The Guardian
Huffington Post
American Express

Writing Process

All of our content is produced in collaboration with subject matter experts from across the firm, meaning our audiences can be confident that our insights are backed up by relevant expert views, knowledge and experience. Each piece of content published is rigorously researched and fact checked by our researchers, content writers and the experts in the field.

A growing proportion of our content also relies on data insights and research. Our marketing team has a dedicated research team who both underpin content with relevant data and create bespoke research reports, e-books and blogs on relevant financial, economic and sector based trends. The team are continuously conducting analysis on a broad range of topics using data acquired from a number of sources, including privileged company intelligence databases that we subscribe too, Freedom of Information Act requests, and other collaborations with relevant research providers.

Monitoring and updating of content

The accounting, finance and tax landscape is continually evolving to the changing world, as is the owner-managed business space in the UK. Old laws, standards and reliefs change, and new ones come in causing our advice to evolve, and with it, so does our content.

To ensure our audiences know if they are accessing the most up to date information, each piece of content is dated and current event pieces include reference to the ‘time of writing’.

Our team of content and marketing experts stay up-to-date on relevant business news and updates from our professional governing bodies to both create new content and update historic content to ensure our audiences are receiving the most accurate and important information.

In addition, our content and digital marketing team conduct regular audits and reviews of all our existing content for outdated, repetitive or contradictory information. Our team of content developers then work quickly with subject matter experts on all pieces requiring revisions and the content is republished.

Fact checking and trust

Rigorous fact checking is a natural step in our content creation process given the highly regulated nature of the industry in which Price Bailey operates. All of our content is produced by or in collaboration with people that are members of relevant professional associations and required by law to remain up to date on all areas of our practice. All qualified members of staff are required to attend and participate in regular CPD, regulatory update training and other professional skills training relevant to the performance of their work. Updates from this training is fed directly into reviews of our content prior to publishing.

We take misinformation very seriously. Therefore, if you have comments or queries about the quality and accuracy of our content or feel an article is out of date, please let us know by contacting our team using the form below. We readily respond to any potential issues with our content:

  • We will thoroughly research the issue, cross-referencing the information provided, verifying sources, and fact-checking to understand the scope and extent of the concern.
  • To ensure a comprehensive and well-informed response, we will involve our firms’ experts. Utilising their specialised knowledge, expertise, or experience in the relevant field or subject matter, we will discuss the feedback, analyse the evidence, and collaborate with them to find the most accurate and reliable information.
  • We will republish the updates with immediate effect, reflecting the correct information, and providing readers with the most accurate and up-to-date details available.


We are a ‘full-service’ accounting firm. That means that we cover all major areas of accounting, audit, outsourced accounts, payroll, tax, corporate finance, and insolvency and recovery. We are also uniquely positioned to provide specialist employment law, valuation and group structuring advice. Our content spans all areas of our business and is led by what our client facing teams tell us their clients are worried about.
In addition, our specialist team of writers and researchers pursue additional content themes designed around key sector, regional or growth trends.

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