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Setting the right direction for your business

Your future in focus

No doubt you’d love to know where your business will be financially in three to five years.

Of course, no one has a crystal ball, but with the help of our experienced financial modelling experts, we can help you develop forecasting tools to project the direction of your business.

Think of it as a road map for your business. We can help you create it, giving you a clear understanding of where your business is heading.

Depending on your particular needs, business forecasting can involve:

  • producing full financial models and forecasts, considering elements such as plans for business growth, assumptions for future trading and market conditions
  • providing constructive advice on improving existing forecasts
  • helping with the research and financial assumptions involved in generating a forecast
  • carrying out regular reviews of the forecast, helping keep your business on track, and recommending any necessary changes to the forecast
  • assisting you to set KPIs to monitor your progress.

We build financial models and forecasts in many situations, including to support on:

Our approach to financial modelling depends wholly on the circumstance, and whether we use software to assist the build or build a financial model from scratch in Excel.  We are experienced in creating financial models for international businesses with multiple currencies, to simple and complex group structures. 

In addition to a variety of revenue modelling types, we can also create models for those with varying tax arrangements, different types of funding instruments, and complexities regarding stock management and labour costs. 

Forecasting for your particular situation

Whether you’re a start-up wanting guidance, or an established firm with big ambitions, we can help put your future plans in context. We understand how your business faces its own unique challenges and has very specific goals – and we tailor our services to suit. The advice you get from us is for your business, and no other.

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