Farming and estates

Price Bailey has offices spread across East Anglia, an area known for the quality of its farmland and the people who farm it. Farmland has always been a valuable asset and one which needs safeguarding. Whether you are focusing on retaining wealth or the continuation of the farm business, we are well-positioned to assist you.

When your land is your livelihood

Running a farm or estate is hard work. We know that. We also know you need to work with people who understand what that means. 

The interaction of variables including, the cost of fertiliser and animal feed, the weather, subsidies, supermarket buying power, and the price received for the final output, lead to large variations in agricultural income from year to year. 

The backlog of pressures facing livestock farmers as a result of the carbon dioxide crisis means many are still being impacted throughout their supply chains. Coupled with the soaring cost of fertiliser, an increase in energy prices, and farm subsidies being phased out or replaced, the agricultural industry is perhaps the most volatile it has ever been. The carbon crisis does bring opportunities, but at what cost?

Whether you need support in maximising the value of your farm and the assets you have on it, or guidance on regional and national grants that may be available to you, our experts will work with you to ensure you succeed. 

Advice tailored to you

To ensure you receive the best advice, we get to know you, your business, your land, and your ambitions – and then assess all your options.

You’ll be allocated one partner and one manager, both from a farming background with years of hands-on experience. We can help with:

Land and property

Maximising the use and viability of your land and property is a big job. And it’s an important one to get right for your business to be as profitable as possible. We can help you buy and sell land, planning your finances and tax, and supporting you with pre and post-transaction structuring. We can also advise on diversification, construction and development projects, and renting land / buildings as either landlord or tenant.

In addition, we can support you in joint ventures, option agreements, land promotion agreements and slice-of-the-action agreements. We can also help explore your VAT options, and advise on agricultural property relief and other capital and income tax reliefs.

Business structures

Given the high rates of income tax and relatively low rates of corporation tax, looking at the overall structure of the business might be an obvious step. But it might also be worth considering other structures or arrangements. Our team can help you consider not just incorporation, but the full mix of alternatives, including sole trader, partnerships, LLPs, limited or unlimited companies, trusts and joint ventures.

Succession planning

One thing’s for sure – you can’t take it with you. Naturally, though, you want to safeguard the future of your farm and your family. This is where a sound succession plan comes in. We can help with:

  • partnership agreements
  • business structures
  • shareholder agreements
  • agricultural finance
  • joint ownership
  • family trusts and family investment companies.

Agricultural property and business property relief

Relief from inheritance tax can be valuable, so it’s important you meet the conditions for Agricultural Property Relief (APR) and Business Property Relief (BPR). If you don’t, it could be costly for you and your family. Our APR/BPR health check ensures you’re doing everything possible to maximise your reliefs, minimise your tax and protect your wealth. With every change of government, we wonder if these valuable reliefs will remain as farmers are seen by the public as being asset rich.

We can help

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