Outsourced Finance Team

Our fully outsourced finance service is completely tailorable to suit your needs and budget.

If you feel that the day-to-day job of managing your business’s finances and secretarial tasks is taking up valuable time and resources better spent elsewhere, then making use of a fully outsourced finance team could be of benefit to you.

Outsourcing enables you and your team to spend more time focusing on your core competencies, meaning the people in the business are happier and more effective because they have a more focused remit.

Any business owner who has grown their business by hiring full-time staff will know that there is much more than just the salary cost to consider. There are many additional costs associated with hiring even one new staff member – recruitment, training, taxation, pensions, holiday and sick pay to name a few!   

This cost may be easier to swallow if the new person coming in will grow the business, perhaps boost capacity or increase sales. But if they are going to be tasked with compliance and record-keeping then you may not even see any return on such a big investment. 

Our fully outsourced finance service is completely tailorable to suit your needs and budget. Time and cost savings are normally the main reasons businesses outsource their finance function. 

Whilst it is often thought that outsourcing can be expensive, it can in fact be very cost-efficient, and we can often compete with the cost of employing staff full-time in a finance position. 

You may not be too excited about the prospect of bookkeeping or accounting, you should certainly see the benefit of having accurate, timely and insightful information for your business when assessing performance and making decisions.

We can provide you with excellent value by:

  • Having a multi-tiered team and service, meaning we use the right level of staff for each task at hand
  • We can integrate and work with an existing finance team.
  • You pay for the right level of staff, and do not pay for qualified staff to do day-to-day processing. 
  • Using technology and our system expertise, meaning we can efficiently automate processes, link systems, and integrate different parts of the accounting process.

By fully outsourcing your finance team you will receive the specialist expertise of our whole team –  and the wider business -, in addition to benefitting from the reliability of a team rather than an individual. This means you won’t have to worry about covering periods of holiday, sickness, or maternity and paternity leave. 

As we work closely with other teams across our firm, we can make use of our internal expertise and successfully manage any problems that occur, from VAT or tax issues to employment and compliance issues.  

Our full outsourced finance support includes:

  • accounts payable processing
  • purchase invoice collation
  • GRN/PO reconciliation
  • data entry and processing
  • working within and setting up purchase approval systems
  • supplier payment runs, including automation of BACS payments and payment process
  • sales invoicing including, raising sales invoices on clients’ behalf, or providing support and systems to raise sales invoices and sales ledger maintenance 
  • credit control, including automated invoice chasing, statement issuing, direct chasing, and escalation of bad debts
  • a ‘virtual finance controller’ who will take on the role of a normal FC including, management reporting, forecasting, cash flow management, and support to management. 


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