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Our dedicated and consistent audit team will tailor their approach to suit and maximise the value of the relationship with our clients.

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There are many reasons why you might need an audit or assurance report. You may require one to comply with legislation, reassure investors, or review your processes and controls. Whatever the reason, you’ll want to feel you can rely on the report’s independence and accuracy.

With us, you benefit from objective, practical audit and assurance services to help ensure your compliance and give you peace of mind. This includes:

Whichever service you need, you will have a Partner-led team with specialist experience in your industry – which means we appreciate the risks and what’s important in your organisation. To gain a full understanding of your specific challenges, we work closely with your partner and manager team. 

We can also provide these services for a fixed fee, with minimum disruption to your business, helping you budget more effectively and concentrate on running your business.

What is an assurance report exactly?

An assurance report is all about improving information – giving an accurate picture of virtually any aspect of your organisation, and to support decision-making. It must be an accurate, independent assessment of the facts, minimising the risks that can arise from incorrect information.

Our assurance audit work focuses on key parts of your business, rather than auditing the whole business. As audit thresholds increase, some business owners may prefer the assurance report.

Audit services are provided by Price Bailey LLP. For information about our regulatory status see

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Audit and assurance services