Housing Associations

You can be assured that our deep knowledge and understanding of the needs and legislative challenges facing Not for Profit businesses underpins our approach to this industry. 

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Housing associations are having to adapt to rapidly changing legislation and regulations. The Building Safety Act 2022 has enacted important changes relating to fire and safety, and performance improvement plans can be granted by the regulator powers and issued to social landlords if they fail to meet housing standards. 

Despite many changes in the sector, investment is meant to be sustained in the long-term, with investment increasing for building safety, decarbonisation costs, and enhanced energy efficiency standards.

Services tailored to your exact needs

We have specialist tax consultants, VAT advisors, strategists, corporate finance experts, and a skilled compliance team to ensure that we can help your association achieve its goals and overcome its challenges, whilst minimising risk and ensuring compliance. 

In the face of increasing legislative and regulatory pressure on Registered Social Landlords, the need for efficient management of your finances underpinned by a strong and effective governance structure has never been more important.

Our team of housing association experts can offer you a range of services tailored to your needs, including:

  • governance reviews, structures policies, and procedures
  • reducing tax liabilities 
  • mergers and collaborations, including due diligence 
  • identifying key financial performance indicators
  • controlling and improving fundraising activities
  • diversifying income 
  • improving return on your investments 

In addition to our sector-specific services for Not For Profits, we also offer a variety of other services, including:

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