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We are an award winning, top 30 accountancy and business advisory firm serving private clients and regional, national and international businesses.
We not only help businesses with their growth plans but can also provide High Net Worth and Sophisticated Investors opportunities to invest in high potential, early-stage businesses that have gone through a rigorous vetting process, via our own investors’ network.

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Le Col case study

Le Col Case Study

Working with Le Col to fuel performance with funding.

Le Col engaged our Strategic Corporate Finance team (SCF) to work with them to research their international growth opportunities and determine the right path to achieving global brand recognition within the sporting sector.

Check out our case study here

What is the Price Bailey (PB) Investors Network?

The PB Investors Network is a growing network of angel investors who invest in high-quality opportunities presented to them by the Strategic Corporate Finance team.

Regardless of your background, sector, area of interest or level of investment you are looking to commit, if you want to receive investment opportunities that have been vetted by commercial, financial and technical experts, then Price Bailey Investors is the network for you.

There are no joining pre-requisites beyond providing signed self-certification forms.

How we work with businesses

Each year, the network invests around £1,000,000 of equity into a select number of investee companies that our Strategic Corporate Finance (SCF) team presents to them. Our SCF team work with investee companies to help them prepare for taking on investment and, as required, work with subject matter experts to ensure that growth plans are aligned with industry fundamentals. In doing so, they undertake a significant part of the due diligence investors would expect to do to ensure that growth plans are based on solid commercial evidence, rather than gut feel.

As a department, our SCF team are sector agnostic in the investee companies that we work with and raise funds for companies that are both pre- and post-revenue. The focus instead is on the quality of the idea, the quality of the team and the realism of an exit that provides appropriate returns on shareholders’ investment.

For more information on how the Strategic Corporate Finance team works with early-stage businesses, visit our webpage here.

Why we’re different

We are not investment brokers and each investment opportunity introduced to the network represents a relationship that has been built between our SCF team and the investee company. The SCF team are only happy to take opportunities to the network when they are satisfied that plans are based on evidenced commercial rationale rather than optimism. The result, a network investing in opportunities that they trust have been diligenced to institutional investment standard.

Often our investee companies are looking for more than just cash investment – if you’re looking to provide support through non-executive directorship, specialist advisory or to provide technical validation of the company’s products or services, there are numerous opportunities to get involved.

Please note that our engagement is always with the investee company looking to raise funds. Investors in the network must satisfy the conditions of a High Net Worth or Sophisticated Investor status – if you are unsure if this is you and require advice on equity investing, please seek independent financial advice.

To hear more from us about our investors’ network and how you can get involved, please fill in the form below.