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Collaborative law

Helping couples through separation or divorce

Collaborative law

Clear advice during difficult times

If your marriage or civil partnership breaks down, you have enough to think about without the added stress and upset of sorting out your financial affairs.

Our team gives you the support you need to deal calmly and efficiently with all areas of taxation, business and share valuation, and the technical expertise to progress matters quickly. We understand all the issues involved, and are here to help.    


If you have a high net worth, you’ll need independent advice on the tax consequences of all the different courses of action open to you. As part of the collaborative law team, our taxation consultants can provide all the detailed analysis and advice you need.

Business valuation

Often you need to have your business or shares valued for divorce purposes. With our experience in valuation and business sale and purchase, we can provide reliable valuations for both parties to use during negotiations.

Pension value and transfer

Often your pension fund makes up a large part of your personal assets, and sometimes it’s the only source of cash available to you. Pension advice is a sensitive area, as it’s complex and heavily regulated. Fortunately, our specialist advisers are qualified to support you.

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