Charity filing deadline

Filing deadlines at Companies House and Charity Commission

With March year end filing deadline looming, in this article we provide guidance for any charities at risk of missing their filing deadline.

VAT accounting for solicitors

Law practices and solicitors firms generally expect to charge and account for VAT on all supplies made to UK clients, and some based overseas depending on the service.  However, there are circumstances when VAT may not be due, read our article to find out more.

Holiday homes and inheritance tax: Do you qualify for Business Property Relief?

Holiday homes and inheritance tax: Do you qualify for Business Property Relief?

Food bank volunteer

Charities, advertising and VAT

Schedule 8 of the VAT Act 1994 allows charities to benefit from the zero rate of VAT when purchasing a range of advertising services. We outline the exclusions to this relief and what charities should do next.

a BADR court case

Michael Morter discusses a BADR court case – what does it mean for you?

Michael Morter, a Director in our Tax team outlines what our clients can learn form The Quentin Skinner 2015 Settlement V HMRC.

What is Plastic Packaging Tax (PPT), upcoming changes, and how may it affect me?

Plastic Packaging Tax (PPT) became effective in the UK on the 1st April 2022, read this article to learn how your business may be impacted by the scheme and its upcoming changes, as well as an overview of how successful the scheme has been in its first year.

Young woman paying tip to a server

Payroll support – tronc, tips and gratuities

Helping you to understand the treatment of tips and gratuities on your payroll

A coloured background with clipboard and pen

Everything you need to know about maternity leave and pay

We aim to provide a clear explanation of the rights and responsibilities of employers relating to maternity, paternity and shared parental leave.

person sitting at desk with papers and calculator checking figures

HMRC's response to R&D Tax Credit Fraud and Error

R&D tax credit fraud was identified as a major concern for HMRC as the figures for fraud and error have risen to £1.13 billion in 2020-21. Read our article discussing how HMRC are implementing changes to combat the issue.

Charity court ruling

Kids Company collapse | What it could mean for Trustee responsibilities

The fallout following the collapse of Kids Company has been ongoing since 2015. In this article our Charities Partner, Helena Wilkinson, discusses the latest findings from the High Court and Charity Commission, and considers how this high profile case may impact the role and responsibilities of charity Trustees.

January 2024 Update: HMRC crackdown on ‘side hustles’

From 1st January 2024 HMRC have automatic access to users’ earnings on digital platforms as part of a wider crackdown on tax evasion related to ‘side hustles’. Read our article to ensure you understand how these changes may affect you.

Gift Aid Declaration forms – the use of full names

Historically, HMRC only requested a first name initial rather than a full first name on gift aid declaration forms. Read our article detailing the requirements published by HMRC.

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