Tax questions for tackling tax in a watchful world

The tax questions you need to ask to optimise your growth and profits

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In our Tackling Tax eBook, we look at the tax questions you need to be asking in order to optimise your growth and profits. Price Bailey have recognised a general lack of awareness surrounding tax breaks available to businesses, with few organisations taking advantage of the 50 (at least) allowances and deductions that can be claimed. This eBook directs you through the meticulous planning required to invest in the practice of ‘planning with the future in mind’ and focus on where the business is now, where it wants to be, and how it should get there. Our Partners, Charles Olley and Jay Sanghrajka outline their approach to tax planning and discuss the benefits of the various tax breaks and schemes available, as well as taking a look at how R&D tax credit schemes can be beneficial.

This guide begins with summarising the lack of knowledge businesses have and how best to strategise using the ‘Now, Where, How’ exercise to clearly establish your business’s tax goals and current position. We then discuss the importance of bookkeeping in submitting claims, and ensuring your claims are supported, with particular focus on the R&D tax break and the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) and Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS).

Our guide goes on to examine how the tax system can be advantageous in boosting motivation and potential within the workforce by introducing tax-efficient shares to incentivise staff, and which schemes should be considered to do so.

Finally, we exemplify the importance of considering different tax breaks through discussion with Gary Robinson (Managing Director of RWS) who estimates he accessed £100,000 of R&D tax credits to develop the business.

To discuss any of the topics covered within this eBook or to seek guidance on the different tax breaks and which could be most beneficial to your business, use the form to contact one of our experts.

Page updated on 9/12/2023, (eBook last edited 5/3/2019).

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