Infographic: How does workplace wellbeing affect engagement?

Emphasis on wellbeing in the workplace is getting stronger particularly as the statistics tell us that it leads to better productivity.

But what can lead to a better, more engaged workforce? Here are some of the principles of a workplace wellbeing strategy:

  • Encourage social interaction, team events and office incentives
  • Introduce flexible working arrangements
  • Introduce employee benefit packages
  • Encourage employees to look after their wellbeing
  • Create a culture that is attractive to existing and new staff

Our recent interview with Maxine Dolan, formerly Group Leadership Development Director at Tesco, also recognised these issues highlighting that the millennial generation in particular demand more in terms of modern workplace wellbeing practices. 

So now, let’s look at the statistics that lead us to these views:

Infographic: How does workplace wellbeing affect engaegment?



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