Hardware technology is emerging from the shadow of SaaS

During the midst of a global pandemic, we sat down and thought about industries that should make a comeback in the investment world. Hardware was the one that made it to the top. And it is not because we are suddenly craving for tangible things it is because we need hardware to enable us to benefit from the software that is around us.

We call it a comeback because before Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) became a buzzword in the investment world, hardware was a crown jewel. So we looked into the data and the trends and tried to shed some light on what is happening in the early stage hardware funding market and what will be the key fundamentals hardware businesses need to look at to scale and create value.

We are not trying to predict the future or provide solutions to all problems. What this hardware report intends to do is to draw your attention to potential trends and key areas that influence hardware companies funding decisions and ultimately, their mid-long term strategies. Having reviewed the changes in consumer behaviour, and everything from health and safety requirements to broken supply chains – it might just be about time for hardware to get the recognition it deserves.

We hope you will enjoy reading it.

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