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Accountants for charities and not for profit organisations

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As a not for profit or charity organisation, much of your time is likely to be taken up with funding concerns – plus a growing need to demonstrate sustainability, transparency, accountability and responsible governance.

At Price Bailey, we understand these challenges, and we’ve developed specialist teams to help you meet them – whether you’re a charity, social enterprise, membership or trade organisation, or academy school.

Our services combine the skills of tax consultants, VAT advisors, business strategists, investment managers, corporate finance experts, and a compliance team.

We’re here to give you advice in all these areas, tailored to your organisation. We can help you achieve your goals and overcome obstacles, while minimising risk and complying with regulations.

Price Bailey is really proud to be have been voted by you as Top 3 for Overall Service and Charity Sector expertise in 2020, and top for Charity expertise in 2019.

Helping charities in changing times

In an uncertain economy, fundraising, donations and investment income can all be affected.

And with increased competition for available funds, and decreases in government and local authority funding, running a charity can be very demanding. Charities need to think about sustainability.

To help, we can provide expert guidance, covering areas such as:

  • understanding trustees’ responsibilities
  • reducing tax liabilities
  • setting up appropriate reserves policies
  • mergers and collaborations, including due diligence
  • risk reviews and risk registers
  • key financial performance indicators
  • compliance health checks on gift aid, VAT and tax
  • trading activities, using subsidiaries, social enterprises and Community Interest Companies (CICs)
  • controlling and improving fundraising activities, and diversifying income
  • improving the return on your investments.

Supporting membership and trade organisations

When managing the accounts and finances of a membership or trade organisation, you’ll want to ensure they’re accurate and that you’re making the right choices on behalf of your members.

Of course, you’ll also want to make the right commercial decisions – to get the most from the funds available, protect your assets and increase efficiencies.

We can advise and guide you on matters ranging from tax and VAT planning to charitable status applications. In addition, we also offer support with:

  • governance structures, regional representation and committees
  • mutual trading tax exemption
  • internal controls audits
  • management accounts and statutory audits
  • benchmarking on key financial performance indicators
  • financial planning and investment management
  • strategic planning, including diversifying income
  • VAT and tax implications of income streams such as membership, online publications and room hire
  • maximising VAT partial exemption recovery
  • risk registers and risk management
  • employment law, payroll and pensions
  • defined benefit pension scheme issues.

Sharing knowledge through our seminars & events

As a charity or not for profit organisation we know that sometimes your day-to-day tasks can pile up.

But to help keep you in the know about industry changes and advances, we host a number of free events throughout the year to support you.

Previously we have held events that cover:

  • Strategy and risk
  • Social finance
  • Auto enrolment
  • Funding
  • New regulation
  • Regular tax & accounting updates

Head over to our events page to see our latest seminars you can book your place on.


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