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Xero is the UK’s leading cloud-based accounting software; this flexible, efficient and effective package enables you to access your financial data anywhere and at any time, using a simple, award-winning system.

Users receive 24/7 email support, and there are hundreds of add-ons to give you even more benefits. From checking balances, sales, and upcoming bills on the dashboard, to connecting to your bank accounts, creating purchase orders, paying bills, and much more, the Xero software package saves you time and gives you a much greater insight into how your company is performing.

Sage Accounting

This is the perfect solution for start-ups, sole traders and micro-businesses who are looking for an online solution. It is about doing business where and when you want; even while out of the office you can create and send professional-looking quotes and track payments against all invoices using your mobile phone or tablet. Take control of and accelerate your cash flow, and track your income and expenses in real time.

Online hosting

Some clients choose not to have an onsite server, preferring instead to rent space on a hosted server solution. Remote hosted desktops, otherwise known as cloud desktops, are suitable for businesses of all sizes, and allow you to work securely from any location.

You will have access to all of your files, apps, emails, storage, disaster recovery and business continuity from one seamless virtual platform. Hosted server solutions will keep your organisation safe and your data secure, while potentially accelerating productivity through the use of enterprise-grade servers to handle your computing.

If this is the ideal option for your business, we can put you in touch with trusted cloud solution suppliers.

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