Sage Test and Recovery Licence

Important notice for Price Bailey Sage 200 Software Customers issued by Sage UK

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To maintain Sage product support all upgrades must go through testing and every customer will require a Test and Recovery Licence (TRL). Sage will not offer license strings for upgrades without a test and recovery licence.

Price points

Platform only: £749

Platform + 1 module: £999

Platform + 2 modules £1,249

Why has this come into force?

The terms and conditions have always been clear that an additional licence is required for testing purposes and a business partner copy cannot be used. Sage is now actively monitoring all installations for abuse of the licence agreement.

It is commonplace for businesses to test upgrades and add-ons prior to use in a live environment. This cannot be achieved within the terms of the licence agreement if the customer does not have a test and recovery licence. Businesses should also have a disaster recovery plan which allows them to get their critical business management systems back up and running following the catastrophic failure of their IT systems. For any disaster recovery plan to be effective a business would need to ensure their Sage 200 data was backed up and stored in a separate location to their day-to-day installation of the Sage 200 software. The Sage 200c test and recovery licence allows a customer to have a separate backup installation of Sage 200 holding all of their data. This installation is standalone installation.

Is there a service charge?

There is no Sage 200 Service charge, the licence is a one-off fee and not related to a number of users or companies

Testing of upgrades/add-ons/modules:

  • This can be used for the testing of the above. Sage 200 can only be installed once; however, a test and recovery licence allows a second installation
  • Migration or change of deployment method. Allows second install and ability to test when moving to a cloud environment for example

A test and recovery license is different from a data back up because:

It will provide a mirror copy of the Sage 200 installation – including add-ons, reports, user access rights, and customisations. Recover your system immediately if you are subject to any of the following:

  • Data Breach/Corruption
  • Server loss
  • Viruses
  • Natural disaster

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