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Commercial disputes

Advising on commercial disagreements

Thorough examinations that strengthen your case

If you’re involved in a commercial dispute – and need detailed analysis and investigations to settle it – our forensic accounting team can provide expert guidance.

We’ve helped many people in this way. For example, we recently investigated a dispute between a catering company and a yacht club. The club withheld payment, claiming it had been overcharged for its on-site seasonal catering. We provided detailed analysis to the court hearing to prove this was not so.

Investigating accounting evidence in criminal matters

This work includes interpreting accounting evidence, and reviewing and commenting on Crown Prosecution Service reports. An example saw us looking into allegations that crime proceeds were used to repay a legitimate business loan.

Our investigation of the business’s accounts supported the police’s view that the loan repayments were not funded by legitimate business, and our findings were used to support the police.

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