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Special situations

Critical advise and guidance for those complex business issues


Solutions for business owners and management teams facing complex, business critical issues where specialist experience and knowledge is required.

Examples of trading challenges where Price Bailey can support with expertise:

  • Underperformance against budget;
  • Loss of income or capacity, raising viability concerns;
  • Short-term cash flow issues which may require funding or disposal solutions;
  • Over-leveraged balance sheet requiring restructure;
  • When attempts to raise funds or refinance have failed;
  • Solvency concerns;
  • Analysing whether structured proceedings such as a CVA are advantageous.

These situations can often be unpredicted, and therefore unfamiliar and uncomfortable for management. Deciding the right time to seek independent professional advice can be difficult, we advise engagement at the first sign of issue so as to limit the impact on all concerned.

We will provide you with clear, sensible, actionable advice with hands-on management of the situation thereafter. Due to the huge amount of experience in our team we have the expertise to help you actively respond to any problem head on.

We are experts at working in accelerated timescales and addressing complex demands of multiple stakeholders.

We draw on corporate finance and restructuring expertise to respond to your needs and provide you with solutions; together with other service lines as required (including tax, pensions, outsourcing and legal), we ensure we have the right team in place to deliver the optimal outcome.  

Areas we specialise in:

  • Valuation advice 
  • Options Reviews
  • Independent reviews
  • Financial modelling         
  • Short Term Cash Flow Forecasting
  • Accelerated Debt/Equity Fundraising
  • Accelerated M&A
  • Distressed Due Diligence

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