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The benefits of ownership, with lower costs and less risk

Our PCC is a licensed insurance ‘protected cell’ company in Guernsey. It contains the regulatory capital, board of directors, auditors and other service providers needed to carry out all the functions of a licensed international insurance company. This structure is referred to as the ‘core’.

If you’re considering self-insurance, but believe the costs of a full insurance company would outweigh the benefits, you can own cells in our PCC. You just need to contribute enough capital to set up your insurance fund. All the cell owners share the operating costs, and low licence and management fees mean lower set-up and operational costs than with a standalone ‘captive’ insurance company.

The assets and liabilities of each cell are ring-fenced against those of the other cells and the core. So each cell owner’s interests are protected from any adverse effects of the activities of other cells.

Future potential

PCC cells can carry out all the functions of a standalone insurer. And, as a cell develops and matures, it can detach from the PCC and become incorporated in its own right. So cells can be a first step towards full captive ownership.

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