Doing business in the Channel Islands

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The Channel Islands have a reputation as a politically stable, transparent and rigorous finance centre.

It’s also progressive and flexible: it recently introduced the civil law version of the trust structure, the ‘foundation’, to attract clients from non-common law countries.

But what are some key areas of consideration before you make your decision?

  1. What is your strategy for international expansion? 
  2. Market research – to be certain your strategies will work 
  3. Strategy development – creating a plan that provides you with the greatest chance of success
  4. Strategy implementation – ensuring your strategies are successfully implemented 
  5. Tax planning to ensure the most appropriate business structure 
  6. Ongoing support – continued profitability and adherence to local regulations

If you are looking to do business in the Channel Islands, we can support you.

Whether you have a local business in the Channel Islands or an international subsidiary there, we provide a complete range of compliance and advisory services, including audit, tax and outsourcing.

Unlike many other corporate trustees and service providers, the firm is not tied to any bank, discretionary manager, investment house or adviser. So you benefit from us acting independently, using our expertise to meet your specific needs and find the best options on the market.

We are a key member of IAPA, which gives you access to the best accounting, audit, tax advisory and business consultancy services around the world.

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