How do you execute transactions at an optimal time

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Insight that informs the timing of key decisions, such as selling or holding an asset, acquiring a business, offering management shares or raising growth capital is important when deciding when the best time to complete a transaction is. 

How can this be achieved?

  • Analysing your business to see what transaction preparation actions need to take place, planning the timing of this and judging the likely economic benefit.
  • Completing a forward-looking view of a market that identifies the micro and macro factors affecting sector health – sizing a market now, and going forward.
  • Analysing key indicators of industry health; knowing the flags and triggers for any transaction decision.
  • Analysing the key political, economic and legal challenges facing your industry.
  • Researching key information about competitors. Identifying any recent transactions in the sector and subsequent analysis of the valuation logic.

Our experience

Shareholders of a freight forwarding company approached us considering a sale and exit, but were unsure as to whether now was the right time.

We evaluated M&A activity, considering this in tandem with environmental factors, such as the Brexit vote, to ascertain if any aspects of their business could be adapted to maximise exit value. An adaption of fleet utilisation was proposed, justified by this research.  

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