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Securing CBILS funding for a specialist electronics company

About CBILS funding

A specialist electronics company had suffered supply chain disruption as a result of COVID-19, causing short-term loss of revenue and ongoing uncertainty.

The company required additional funding to mitigate the loss of revenue caused by delayed stock deliveries from suppliers who were locked down due to the outbreak of COVID-19.

Management had initially approached their lender for a CBILS loan, however, had the application rejected.

Having submitted a revised application, the lender asked management to obtain independent advice and prepare a revised short term cash flow forecast. Management approached Price Bailey to assist.

Director of Finance & Operations Client

Providing the right financial data, in a format recognised by the banking institutes, was not easy. Price Bailey listened to what we had to say, then accurately converted our rudimentary cash-flow information into a format that the bank felt confident with. – a job really well done, thank you Price Bailey!


Using their in-house model, Price Bailey worked with management to build a weekly short term cash flow forecast within 7 days, showing each of the company’s multi-currency funding facilities.

Using updated trading results and government support obtained by management (including CJRS scheme), the team modelled a base case to quantify the potential funding gap, and advised on additional steps which might be taken to reduce the requirement or manage within current facilities.

Given the potential for further supply-chain disruption, the team used sensitivity analysis to illustrate the impact of deviations from base case, as well as their impact on the Company’s existing facilities.

We prepared a brief report and risk assessment of the key underlying assumptions to help ongoing monitoring for management and the lender.

We attended a meeting with management and the lender to discuss our analysis and request the CBILS application be reconsidered in light of the revised forecast.


Our detailed cash flow model provided the company and lender with greater clarity on the Company’s funding need and impact on lending facilities, as well as a tool to monitor and manage cash flow in detail.

Our analysis demonstrated that the forecast funding requirement could be met within existing facilities if necessary. However, our work enabled management to show that a CBILS loan was not only affordable but a more suitable option.

The application for a CBILS term loan facility was subsequently approved.

Tim Smith, on behalf of Price Bailey:

We are delighted to have secured the right funding for the business, not only to navigate a period of uncertainty but to provide a platform for growth.


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