I.Q. Endoscopes

Founded in 2015, I.Q. Endoscopes are set to transform the delivery of endoscopic services by removing many of the difficulties that doctors face with traditional scopes.

Paul Martin
Chief Financial Officer, I.Q. Endoscopes

“In August 2020, we transferred our payroll to Price Bailey from another provider. Since then, we have been able to rely on Price Bailey’s Payroll team to always do what they say they will do, be open about what they require from I.Q. Endoscopes, and to get our payroll right first time.

Two of the most important characteristics to us are reliability and trust. It is important to us to develop a culture within I.Q. Endoscopes where employees also understand how important these characteristics are, and we would not be able to get this right if we had an outsourced payroll provider undermining this culture. Price Bailey embody our culture in all the right ways.

The payroll service is a discreet service, with the team always on the end of the phone when needed, and they have the expertise to answer any queries that arise.

I.Q. Endoscopes are happy in the knowledge that Price Bailey will also monitor and manage our automatic enrolment duties and pension scheme, in addition to our Employer reporting duties to HMRC.

As a growing business, where there is much to consider, outsourcing our payroll to Price Bailey allows us more time to focus on other key areas within the business.”

With their payroll setup and operating from July 2020, I.Q. Endoscopes outsourced their payroll to Price Bailey in August 2020. We liaised with I.Q. Endoscopes and their previous provider to obtain all the information required to setup the payroll on our payroll software, and to gain access to manage their pension scheme. On request, we re-ran their July 2020 payroll and have continued to process their monthly payroll since.

I.Q. Endoscopes Ltd Payroll process consists of:

  • Processing the payroll as per I.Q. Endoscopes instruction, and making the submissions to HMRC.
  • Assessing employee eligibility for the company pension scheme.
  • Sending a 9 report output back to I.Q. Endoscopes each month.
  • Uploading payslips to an online portal for employees to access.
  • Uploading the pension contributions to their pension provider.
  • Submitting the pension contributions for payment, to the pension provider.
  • Processing year-end, at the end of the financial year.
  • Processing year-start, at the start of the financial year, including assessing eligibility for allowances such as small employers allowance, employment allowance and apprenticeship levy.
  • Point of contact for any Payroll related queries.

Charlotte Stokes, Payroll Supervisor, Price Bailey:

“We are proud we can ensure our services are underpinning the positive values and culture of our clients businesses, and can be relied upon and trusted. Paul and the team have great communication with us to enable us to process their payroll accurately and efficiently. We look forward to continuing our great working relationship with I.Q. Endoscopes.”

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