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Pricing information in relation to our probate services

Price Bailey is licensed by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales to carry out the reserved legal activity of non-contentious probate in England and Wales. We offer a bespoke service and pricing arrangement for each individual client but provide some general guidance about how we operate below.

Our team

Our team of probate and estate practitioners are managed by Heidi Berry and Donna Mahoney.

How do we calculate fees?

We charge for our work based on the time spent working for you and the hourly rate of the person carrying out the work. Our hourly rates currently range from £280 to £500 plus VAT at 20%.

Before we start work we will provide a bespoke estimate based upon the particular circumstances of your matter. Fees vary according to several factors including the complexity of the matter, the deceased not having a will (Intestate), whether there is an overseas element, the value of the estate, the tax position, the type of assets held and the number of executors and beneficiaries involved.

If we can provide a fixed fee for work, we shall endeavour to do so.

What will we charge?

Typical probate costs range between £1,000 – £12,000 + VAT. Examples of our fees are as follows:

Scenario 1 – Probate only – Estimate £1,000 + VAT

  • We are dealing with a client who is the sole executor of the deceased’s estate.
  • There is a valid will.
  • The deceased was domiciled in England.
  • The total value of the estate is £50,000 and consists of two bank accounts only.
  • The deceased owned no property.
  • No inheritance tax is due.
  • Our client needs us to submit the relevant tax form and obtain a grant of probate but does not need our assistance to administer the estate.

Scenario 2 – Probate and estate administration – Estimate £12,000 + VAT

  • We are dealing with joint executors of the deceased’s estate.
  • The deceased had previously inherited the entire estate of their spouse.
  • There is a valid will.
  • The total value of the previously inherited estate is £420,000 and the value of the estate in question is £950,000. The combined total takes the value of the estate over the IHT threshold.
  • The estate includes cash, a residential property, assets abroad and a private pension scheme.
  • There are beneficiaries under 18 who have inherited subject to a trust.
  • Our client needs us to calculate and deal with the inheritance tax, obtain a grant of probate and administer the estate.

What other costs are payable?

Other costs in addition to our charges might include

  • Probate application fees (currently £273)
  • The cost of obtaining multiple copies of the grant (currently £1.50 per copy)
  • Advertisements for creditors in the Gazette and a local paper (typically around £225 + VAT)
  • Bankruptcy searches for the deceased and beneficiaries (typically £12 – £162)
  • Any costs relating to the valuation of assets
  • Conveyancing costs to transfer a property
  • Costs of overseas professionals
  • Bank transfer fees

How long will probate take?

This very much depends upon the complexity of the estate, how quickly third parties react to requests for valuations and other information, whether land or business assets need to be sold and whether tax is payable. It will also depend upon the processing time of HMRC and the Courts. Based upon our experience it is currently taking between 6 and 9 months to obtain a grant of probate and a further 12- 18 months to complete the administration of an estate. We will be able to give you a better idea of how long it will take to administer the estate once we have more details and as the matter progresses.

What if I have a complaint?

For details of our complaints handling procedures and legal information, please click here.

Costs quoted are at 1 February 2022

Probate services are provided by Price Bailey Private Client LLP. For information about our regulatory status see

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