How do I set up in business?

You've got the idea, now what should you consider

Starting your own business can be difficult and stressful – but very exciting, too. It’s vital to find the right support, guidance and inspiration to get your business off the ground. With good advice, the journey will be very rewarding.

Here are some areas you should consider:


Taking the time to create a clear business plan is essential for new companies. It’s a good way to define the type of customer you’re looking for, and to outline how you’ll meet their needs.

Most importantly, it forces you to think about how you’re going to make a profit. If you need help with your business plan, we can guide you through the process to ensure it’s detailed, flexible and achievable.


During the early stages of your business, there will inevitably be a period when you spend a lot of time and money without seeing any return. So it’s essential to research your market in detail, to make sure you’ll have customers interested in your product or service.

Then you’ll need to investigate the different sources of funding that can help with those initial costs. Again, we can advise you on this, and recommend the one most suited to your situation.

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