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We were approached by a market research and industry analysis consultancy because the majority shareholders wished to reduce their shareholdings in the company and sought to facilitate employee ownership as a result.

Turnover for the company is forecast to exceed £1m per annum this year with strong growth projected in future years.

As part of our initial work on Project Globe, we undertook a feasibility study to review the business’ plans and to assess whether it would meet the requirements of an Employee Ownership Trust (EOT).
Once it became apparent that an EOT was a viable option, we worked with the company to provide advice on a suitable structure for this transaction.

As part of Project Globe and prior to the EOT, a share buyback for two minority shareholders took place and we supported the company in handling the exercise of EMI options by another shareholder, submitting a valuation and clearance application to HMRC for this purpose.

Simon Blake, Partner, Price Bailey:

“I worked with the shareholders over a period as they carefully considered whether an employee ownership trust could provide a solution for a transition of management in this small business, and in combination with share option planning and an opportunity to acquire shares, an acceptable solution was found to balance the needs of all parties”

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