Business planning for fast-track growth

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In our latest Inside the Minds of Business Leaders report, Price Bailey suggested that five-year plans are a thing of the past after our research indicated that the most successful business plans only look 1-2 years into the future. In our latest eBook “Business planning for fast-track growth”, we take a deeper dive into the various business planning approaches and compare what high-growth companies do differently.

Business planning for fast-track growth

This eBook focuses on the best approaches to Business Planning to maximise your growth potential. Supported by research obtained from our Inside the Minds of Business Leaders 2019 report, we see how higher-growth businesses develop and act differently from lower-growth firms.

We begin by explaining the importance of creating a plan for your business and detail exactly what the planning process should consist of when planning ahead, who to involve in planning, and the complexities of the business plan. Our experts then describe the exact aims of the business plan to ensure the best outcome for your business in order to maximise growth. Drawing upon insights from our own research, we highlight the importance of Business Plans by comparing the differences in the approach to planning between low-growth businesses and high-growth businesses.

We overview how best to plan for your business’s budget and forecasting, as well as HR and recruitment advice as both budgeting and recruiting, if rushed or ambitiously planned, can cause a multitude of issues further down the line in your business’s progression. Finally, we look at how Managing Director at New River Holdings, Matt Earle, has adopted a more agile approach to business planning to ensure the business is achieving specific goals.

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Page updated on 2/11/2023, (eBook last edited 19/7/2019).

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