Price Bailey Show They Are All Heart

Chartered accountants and business advisers Price Bailey have installed a potentially lifesaving defibrillator on the exterior of their HQ in Bishops Stortford. The defibrillator will help improve the chances of survival if an employee in the building, or someone in the wider community should suffer a cardiac arrest. This installation marks the first of many Price Bailey are planning on its buildings across the organisation.

“As one of the most prominent companies in the town, we felt it appropriate that we should take a lead and provide a defibrillator outside our building,” said Price Bailey Director of Facilities, Derek Drane. “There are many myths surrounding defibrillators and their safety, all of which should be dispelled. A defibrillator is very safe and easy to use, designed for use by a layperson. It is impossible to do any harm with a defibrillator, they cannot deliver the shock to the heart of someone who does not need one.”

The proposal for a defibrillator was made by employee Jaqueline Irving after attending a first responder course. The company accepted the idea and decided to install them outside all of its offices, where possible.

The defibrillator was installed last week and was accompanied by defibrillator training for all the office staff.

Once switched on, the defibrillator uses a series of calm voice prompts and highlighted illustrations to guide a rescuer at every step. It automatically reads the heart rhythm of someone who may have suffered a cardiac arrest via some sticky electrode pads applied to the chest and diagnoses if an electrical shock is required to restore a normal heart rhythm.

In the case of a Sudden Cardiac Arrest, on average only 10% of people survive unless they receive early Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and defibrillation. If bystanders provide CPR, and use a defibrillator before Emergency Medical Services arrive, average survival rates increase to 38% and have been reported in some instances by up to 75%. In fact, for every minute without CPR and defibrillation, the chance of survival decreases by 7-10%.

Price Bailey has partnered with Hampshire based WEL Medical who supply the market leading iPAD SP1 defibrillator, a nominated device of the British Heart Foundation.