Senior Manager at Price Bailey contributes to Management Consultancy book

Chand Chudasama, a Senior Manager within Strategic Corporate Finance at Price Bailey has contributed to a book published in the field of Management Consultancy.

The book; ‘Management Consultancy Insights and Real Consultancy Projects’ has been written by recognised experts within Management Consultancy, a field which has grown rapidly in recent years owing to drivers resulting from increased complexity and uncertainty.

Management Consultants are consequently becoming a common feature in change management initiatives, providing advice and implementing solutions for development and change within struggling companies. Despite its growing recognition, the field is still often criticised for its lack of theoretical underpinning.

The book seeks to address these issues by offering applied theoretical insights from those who practice management consultancy, providing real-world examples to evidence the implementation of these projects.

The book was released on 5 October 2017 and Chand co-wrote Chapter 7; ‘Applying Research Methods in Strategy Consulting’ with Graham Manville, Senior Lecturer in Business and Management and Director of Employability & Innovation at The University of East Anglia where they combined original insights with authoritative analysis.

The book launch took place on Tuesday 14 November at the University of East Anglia in Norwich and was attended by many local business professionals, along with the academic community.

Chand Chudasama says: “I was delighted to be approached to contribute to this unique book which will enable its readers to implement the theoretical concepts of Management Consultancy and Strategy beyond an academic understanding, giving a practical insight into the profession”.

“The chapter I have I co-written examines how to establish and maintain a mutually beneficial relationship between the client, the management skills of the consultant and the application of research methods to solve client problems”.

“Although research methods are the underpinning tool for consultants to add value to their clients, their application involves much more than conventional academic theory, it requires an action learning approach whereby mutual shared knowledge is achieved through a deep and trusting relationship.”