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Collaborative law

Use our research to put your financial model, growth strategy and valuation position on a firmer footing.

By blending our research, strategy and corporate finance skills, your search for growth capital is more likely to succeed.

  • Provide the evidence and reasoning that an investor requires: Impress investors with a business plan and financial model built on firmly evidenced assumptions.
  • Model validation: Hone assumptions in your financial model, helping your business access capital for growth. Test assumptions about product pricing, asset valuation and sales expectation. 
  • Justify the valuation: We offer the market intelligence that supports your negotiating position during a sale or acquisition.
  • Evaluation of factors boosting valuation.


Our experience

We were approached by a high-growth cycling apparel business looking for funds to enter international markets.

We undertook our research and gave advice that then increased the valuation by 33% prior to a successful equity fundraise. However further analysis of their financial model suggested that additional research of cycling apparel preferences and buying habits would increase the efficacy of cash spent on the growth strategy.

Our research informed an international market entry strategy for six countries and justified a £1m valuation increase where we acted as the lead adviser for the £1m raise.

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