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Enterprise Property Group

How expert financial advice laid the foundations for this property developer

Enterprise Property Group

Enterprise Property Group is a residential development business that delivers high-quality, bespoke homes across a broad spectrum of the housing market focused in the northern Home Counties but including Retirement Villages throughout England.

When the company decided it needed to appoint a partner that possessed the breadth of skills and capacity to service the needs of the expanding business, Price Bailey fitted the bill.

How our services have helped

In addition to audit and compliance services, the Price Bailey Tax Consulting team provided advice on corporate structures and tax planning to ensure the most tax efficient structures are in place, such as LLPs for each of the company’s developments.

The firm also worked closely with the Board and management team on the introduction of share agreements, employee share schemes and pension agreements.

In addition to tax affairs, the Price Bailey Strategic Corporate Finance team has assisted in establishing funding structures and is involved in the ongoing sourcing of capital through the Price Bailey Investor Community for the development investment funds.



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