HMRC to close down VAT registration helpline

HMRC will close down the VAT registration helpline from 22 May 2023

HMRC has taken the decision to close down the VAT registration helpline, effective from 22 May 2023.

The announcement has left taxpayers and agents with only a few days to prepare for this change. Consequently, those submitting VAT queries may face extended waiting times, potentially up to 40 working days, before receiving a response from HMRC.

This follows the measures they took in and around the Covid lockdown period when major backlogs of correspondence and applications were experienced, and staff were moved from the helpline temporarily to assist in clearing these backlogs.

We are aware there will continue to be situations where a speedy response to an application is required, so please get in touch with the Price Bailey VAT service team in order to make sure that any application is made in good time.

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