How do I expand overseas?

Growing internationally can be both exciting and beneficial

Expanding internationally or exporting can bring great opportunities to grow your business. But it needs careful planning.

When you enter a new jurisdiction, different regulatory or compliance issues can take some getting used to, and could put a strain on your existing resources.

One way to help overcome this is to set up a joint venture, or a merger or acquisition, to gain the expertise you need for your new market. Whether you decide to do this or not, we can help.

A network of local knowledge

We’re an important member of IAPA, a global association of independent accountancy and business advisory firms that provides accounting, audit, tax advisory and business consultancy services.

The international reach of our fellow IAPA member firms means you have instant access to first-hand knowledge of local regulations, culture and customs. So you can remove potential cross-border uncertainties, and make the most of opportunities for business development.

Whether you’re expanding your existing overseas presence or venturing into new markets, our international strategy team is here to support you.

And when your operations are up and running, we’ll continue to advise you towards further expansion.

We can help

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